Oahu is facing a lodging development boom, with as many as 25 hotels, condotels or timeshares being contemplated in 15 new projects and 5 renovation/reconstruction projects.  These projects could add over 7,000 rooms to Oahu’s inventory (which is currently at about 35,000), a 20% jump. 

Local 5 has spoken out against several of these projects with concerns about the number of jobs and the quality of  jobs at the new properties once they open.  The only projects that would be union after completion are the two new timeshare towers at Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Princess Kaiulani and Moana Surfrider redevelopment projects.

There are also an increasing number of vacation rentals.  Websites like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy for condo owners to rent out their rooms.  The rise of these new technologies, combined with the boom in luxury condo development (especially in Kaka’ako), could further dilute the market.