We are Waikiki

2015.09.15 Aston Renew picket leafletWe welcome our visitors.
We cook and clean for them.
Always with Aloha.

Visitors bring money here. But it leaves.
To hotel companies. To developers. To investors.

By 2018, Local 5 hotels will pay workers an average of almost $31 per hour. The non-union hotels pay $19 per hour—40% less. Non-union hotel workers also face unfair workloads and lousy treatment. Only 45% of hotels on Oahu are union. That means the majority of workers in Hawaii’s #1 industry are non-union.

A union contract makes a real difference in people’s lives. Not-yet-union hotels in Waikiki are ready to stand up and organize for their right to join the union. The community must back up these workers.

Local 5 hotel workers won wages and benefits worth $31 per hour.
But too many local people whose work pays Hawaii’s bills can’t pay their own.

We are Waikiki!
The AiKea Movement to Win $31 for Everyone

Tell Aston CEO Kelvin Bloom to respect workers! Email him here.

We are leaders in the community, stand by workers and their right to organize a union. We fully support the hotel workers who want to join Local 5 because it means a better future for them and for our community.

Sign our photo petition.