AiKea at the Great Malunggay Festival and Parade

2016-04-02 09.50.19-2AiKea attended the 1st annual Great Malunggay Festival and Parade in Waipahu on April 2. We are proud to support this event, which honors our plantation roots and supports future generations.

Sakadas (Filipino plantation workers) arrived in Hawai’i 100 years ago. Hawaii’s plantation economy was built on their struggle and sacrifice. Today, tourism has replaced plantations. Like the sakadas, many hotel workers are of Filipino descent. They continue our fight.

Workers at the Aston Waikiki Beach and Hotel Renew have been fighting for a fair process to decide whether to unionize. We asked people at the event to sign our petition calling on Xenia Hotels & Resorts (the owner of the Aston Waikiki Beach) and Aqua-Aston Hotels & Resorts (the operator of both hotels) to respect their workers.