Tell your Senator TODAY: Vote NO on SB1292 HD3 to protect our affordable housing

The State Senate is voting TODAY (Thu. 4/25) on SB1292 HD3. This is a BAD BILL that would legitimize illegal vacation rentals, which are taking away what little affordable housing is left in Hawaii. There are over 35,000 illegal vacation rentals in Hawaii—the vast majority are entire homes operated by mainland owners.

The key to enforcing illegal vacation rentals is to hold platforms like Airbnb accountable by making sure they’re transparent with their data on their hosts and listings. SB1292 HD3 establishes that tax info collected by a hosting platform shall be confidential and non-disclosable.

Please contact the State Senate TODAY (Thu. 4/25) as soon as possible:

  • Call your state senator’s office today and leave a message saying you oppose SB1292
  • Call these key senators and tell them to vote NO on SB1292 HD3:
    • Glenn Wakai – 586–8585
    • Ronald Kouchi – 586–6030
    • Kalani English – 587–7225
    • Donovan Dela Cruz – 586–6090
    • Karl Rhoads – 586–6130
  • Email all of the state senators using the email form below:

This action has expired and the email form is no longer available.