Several bills re: minimum wage scheduled for hearing on Thu. 1/31

Several bills re: minimum wage are scheduled for hearing this Thu. 1/30. For many years, we’ve supported raising the minimum wage. One job should be enough to live in Hawaii.
Let’s make it very clear that these bills need to be amended to provide a real living wage immediately that will make one job enough. Amendments we support:
  • No more exceptions or exemptions or tax breaks or subsidies for low-wage companies – the minimum wage should be the minimum wage for all workers, for all employers.
  • Eliminate the so-called “tip credit”, which employers currently use to pay tipped workers even less than minimum wage.
  • Immediately begin increasing minimum wage annually.
  • From now on, tie the annual minimum wage increase to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, which is used to measure inflation. 18 other states already have automatic cost of living adjustments to their minimum wages.
Visit Raise Up Hawaii’s website to submit testimony supporting these bills (links below). Submit testimony before Wed. 1/30 at 3pm:
Support SB1248 with amendments:
Support SB789 with amendments:
Support HB1191 with amendments:
Comments on HB96: