Hawaii provides federal and state public housing for low-income residents. The programs are administered by the Hawaii Public Housing Authority using both U.S. Housing and Urban Development and state guidelines.  

  1. Section 8 Voucher Program
    1. State of Hawaii subsidizes rent and utility for qualified individuals and families, paying rent directly to landlords on their behalf.  Recipients can choose their own home, but still pay up to ceiling of 30% of income.  Long wait list for Section 8.
  2. City & County and affordable housing
    1. The DPP can require AH units as a condition of an ordinance for a zone change under unilateral agreements. 
    2. An applicant may propose to fulfill their obligation by building affordable for-sale or rental units, by conveying land to a qualified non-profit affordable housing provider, or by making an in-lieu cash payment to the City to support the City’s affordable housing programs. All proposals are subject to the Director of the Department of Planning and Permitting
    3. A minimum of 30% of total residential unit must sever households at 80, 120 and 140% of Oahu Median Household Income.
  3. Recent News: Ron Menor to redefine and increase AH requirements
    1. Menor wanted to add requirements increase AH units for developers and make them affordable for 30 years instead of 10.
  4. Recent News: Lease Sale
    1. The City tried to sell the long term leases on 12 rental housing complexes for $142 million to a private group, but the deal collapsed in 2014 due to financing difficulties and there has been controversy around the deal as well as the management of the housing complexes.
    2. The City Council reportedly will continue to try to sell the 12 complexes.  The sale was intended to finish paying back bonds for the initial construction and to create funds to build more affordable housing.
    3. The 12 complexes total 1257 units, half in the urban core.  In 2012, there were five gap groups for those 1,257 units at 50%, 60%, 80%, 120% of AMI and market rate. 
  5. Recent News: Caldwell’s Housing First funding
    1. Council reduced funding of Caldwell’s Housing First shifted funds to other affordable housing/random projects:
      1. Stanley Chang: Working with developer in Waikiki to reserve 10-24 units for $2-4 million
      2. Carol Fukunaga: $1 million for housing project in Iwilei Transit Station.
      3. Ann Kobayashi: 1.1. million in Kakaako for artist housing by Pa’i Foundation
      4. 4.2 million of Housing First to Family Justice Center in Makiki.
  6. Recent News: May 2014 Carol Fukunaga tires to insert “mixed use” designation at three of the twelve complexes up for sale.  Her proposal would allow “mixed-income” residents in the three high rises, a departure form the 60% or less of AMI residents the towers now house.  Caldwell and the City is still moving forward with RFPs to sell the complexes to buyers who will maintain them as low income housing, tapping into federal tax credits.