One Job Should Be Enough

One job should be enough.

Copyright David Bacon

Enough to live in Hawai’i, to keep up with the cost of living.
Enough to raise our families.
Enough for us to retire with dignity.

Hawaii’s #1 industry is tourism, and the industry is experiencing record high visitor arrivals and spending, hotel sales, and room rates. The hotel industry profits from jobs that aren’t enough. They cut our hours. They cut our service. They make our lives even harder.

This year, 10,000 Hawai‘i workers have union contracts expiring, and most of them work in the tourism industry. They will be fighting for job security, affordable housing, and better working conditions.

We have had enough. One job should be enough.

What you can do

Learn more about the One Job Should Be Enough campaign by visiting

When a contract expires, or workers are not under a contract, hotel workers may choose to strike, picket, or take other actions that could impact your travel. Sign up for travel alerts here.

Marriott is the largest and richest hotel company on the planet, earning $22.9 Billion in revenue in 2017. Marriott is not the only hotel company that profits from providing jobs that are not enough to live on, but they are uniquely positioned to lead. Sign a pledge to support Marriott hotel workers: as an individual, or as an organization.