AiKea ratificationAiKea was formally launched on May 19, 2012 when 250 workers and community leaders convened and ratified AiKea’s Platform and vision statement.

Today, AiKea is a growing movement of key leaders from various faiths, civic and community organizations, educators and students who care about the future of Hawaii and are committed to building a larger social and political movement.

Anyone who cares can make a difference when we come together to think, talk, walk and take collective action. Together we will win!

Successful Campaigns

It has been a little over a year since the AiKea Movement was founded, yet we have been very successful in building our collective social and political power. Read more about our successful campaigns to take back Hawai’i:

PLDCThe Movement that brought down the PLDC

In April 2013, we successfully organized to repeal the Public Land Development Corporation (Act 55). The PLDC allowed just five people the power to “fast track” our public lands in Hawaiʻi without adequate public input. Because of our people power, Governor Abercrombie signed a bill to repeal the PLDC, before the agency developed a single project.


100_1235Building Political Power

We have built political power by engaging voters and asking people to vote together to win together, resulting in the election of two allies on City Council and one in the House of Representatives.