AiKea Brochure

AiKea Brochure for Outreach (09.06.13)Who we are, what we stand for, and how you can get involved.



The Hidden Cost of Hidden Hotel Rooms: The Impact of Vacation Rentals in Hawai’i

Airbnb Hawaii Listings by Room TypeIllegal vacation rentals have a negative impact on our affordable housing, our economy, and our neighborhoods. Read our full report here. We also have a tri-fold pamphlet that summarizes the main points of the report.

Petition to keep hotel rooms to keep local jobs

2013.10.29 Condo Conversions Graphic (square)Tourism is Hawaii’s #1 industry and it is flourishing. Oahu’s hotel occupancy is back to levels seen at the peak of Hawaii’s tourism industry in 2005. Yet our #1 industry has been shedding hundreds of jobs. Sign this petition to let Honolulu City Council know that you want to keep good, secure jobs in Hawai’i.


 The Goose that Laid the Golden Time Bombs

Goose Golden Time BombsTourism is one of the state’s top industries. Although the growth of the industry has come at a cost, it has produced tens of thousands of jobs for Hawaii’s people in return. Over the last several years, however, the industry has been shedding jobs. This white paper goes into detail on this disturbing trend in one of Hawaii’s top industries, which affects not just tourism workers but the whole community.


MAP: Union & Non-Union Hotels in Waikiki

Red and Grey hotel map 8.5x11 (square)Unions like UNITE HERE Local 5 fight for good local jobs that set the standard for hotels in Waikiki. It is clear that union workers get paid more and receive more benefits than non-union workers. However, only 15 hotel properties in Waikiki are union. Check out this map to see which properties are union and which ones are non-union.


Other Resources

Please check out our list of other resources from different sources if you want to learn more about issues like the income & wealth gap, the corporate war against workers, and more. We also have a list of other websites with valuable information on these important topics.