We’ve had a number of successful campaigns to build a better future for Hawai’i. Our past campaigns include:

Bringing down the PLDC

13_nov_12_PLDChearingIn 2013, we organized to repeal the Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC). It gave five people the power to “fast track” development in our public lands without adequate public input. Because of our people power, the legislature repealed the PLDC, before the agency developed a single project.

Building Political Power

2014-07-03 19.25.52 copySince the launch of AiKea in 2012, we helped to elect two City Councilmembers. In 2014, we ran Someone Like Us – Ilikai hotel worker Joli Tokusato – for City Council. We will continue to build power in the 2016 elections.


Support Bill 16

condo conversionsWe call for an end to hotels converting their rooms into condominiums. City Council Bill 16 will protect our hotel rooms & local jobs. Unfortunately, Councilmember Carol Fukunaga (Chair of the Public Safety and Economic Development Committee) deferred action, which killed the bill in 2014. We continue to fight against condo conversions and making sure our politicians listen to the needs of the people.


 Getting old shouldn’t hurt

Getting Old Shouldn't Hurt (square)Kaiser Permanente Hawaii was trying to take away their workers’ guaranteed pensions. Local 5 members who work for Kaiser will lose at least $1200/month when they retire at age 65, if Kaiser takes away their pension. $1200 is more than just a number. It’s food on the table, caring for your family, putting a roof over your head. Getting old shouldn’t hurt! We’re happy to report that because workers and the community stood up, Kaiser did not take away the pensions of existing or future workers.

Hawai’i deserves a raise

Our minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 per hour since 2007, while the cost oHawaii deserves a raise (square)f basic expenses such as food, utilities, and gasoline continues to rise. AiKea and  other community groups called for a minimum wage increase. In 2014, the Hawai’i State Legislature passed a minimum wage increase to $10.10 by 2018.

Support Kauai Bill 2491

Kauai Bill 2491 supportersAiKea believes that workers have the right to work in safe, healthy environments. Kauai’s GMO farms are neither and expose their workers & the community to dangerous pesticides. Read more about our support of Bill 2491.


Historic Victory at Turtle Bay

11896141_866378500112327_4500508521699773867_nTurtle Bay Resort workers teamed up with the community to stand up against the development of condotels, timeshares, and non-union hotels. In 2015, workers ratified a new union contract that gives them job security and keeps the country country. Watch our video on keeping the country country and fighting for good, local jobs.