1. Kakaako developments are good in theory but not enough being done to ensure desirable practical outcomes.  Kakaako supports the concept of building “up” instead of sprawling out, saving rural country and Ag land from development.   Sustainable, walkable communities is in step with increasing awareness of sustainability issues.  Units devoted to affordable housing are good, though limited.
    1. Problems arise with utility infrastructure: traffic, parking, sewage, water, public transport, etc..,
      1. city needs to work with and share costs with developers who wish to profit from building luxury condos in the area. 
    2. HCDA should be reformed and development decision within the area returned to elected representatives of Hawaii.
  2. Kakaako Mauka Area Plans were not intended to address the full spectrum of “affordable housing” developments, and instead passed that responsibility off to Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corp. HCDA’s self declared focus was on workforce housing buyers at 100% to 140% of AMI, calling them “reserved housing”.
  3. Kakaako and HCDA authority comes from state law.