Tell legislators to move SB2963 SD 199 forward to protect our affordable housing

Earlier this week, the Senate Ways and Means (WAM) & Economic Development, Tourism, and Technology (ETT) Committees heard SB 2999 – a decent bill that would take several important steps in addressing illegal vacation rentals and their negative impact on housing for locals.

AiKea and other affordable housing advocates supported SB 2999, but it was deferred to another hearing on Monday. Just yesterday, another bill surfaced with its original language being gutted and replaced with much of the same language found in SB 2999.

The new bill, SB 2963 SD1, still includes important provisions that would increase the counties’ abilities to enforce illegal vacation rentals.  The Senate Committees will be hearing the new bill TOMORROW: Monday, February 5th at 9:55 a.m.  Please take the time to send in testimony supporting SB 2963 SD1 now.

Airbnb and its hosts oppose these bills. Including a “co-host” from California who is paid to fly to Hawai’i to host other people’s vacation rentals, located in neighborhoods like Aiea and Kapolei.

BEWARE: there are over 30 bills re: vacation rentals this legislative session. Any one of them can be gutted and replaced with the bad bills that Airbnb has been trying to pass for the past 2 years. We must be vigilant and let the legislators know that we’re watching.

Send an email to the WAM and ETT committees: encourage them to move SB2963 SD 1 forward. It will only take a minute to send an email using this form on our website:

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