Testimony needed: OPPOSE HB1471

HB1471 HD3, Airbnb’s bad bill, is scheduled for a joint hearing with the Economic Development, Tourism, and Technology (ETT) Committee and the Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs (PSA) Committee next Wednesday, March 22 at 2:45p (Hawaii State Capitol, Conference Room 414).

There are an estimated 33,000 homes today being used as vacation rentals in the state. This may be our last chance to amend it to protect our affordable housing, or to kill it if it remains unamended.

Submit your testimony TODAY, but no later than 1:15p on Sunday, March 19 to OPPOSE HB1471 unless it includes these amendments:

  1. We must not preempt the counties’ ability to enact good regulations;
  2. Rental operators should be required to certify to the tax collection broker that they are operating legally and provide documentation to back that up;
  3. We should ensure that any measure complements – and does not nullify – Act 204 in allowing the state to hold operators accountable;
  4. Tax collection brokers should be required to operate transparently by providing lists of names and addresses of operators to the State so the State can verify the money it is collecting reflects reality.

You can directly submit testimony by filling out the form below. Sample language is included, and it will only take a couple of minutes. We encourage you to edit the form to share your personal story about how the affordable housing crisis is impacting you.

Learn more about the negative impact of illegal vacation rentals by visiting our website.

This action has expired and the email form is no longer available.