Testimony needed: Oppose Manaolana Place luxury condo-hotel

2016.10.03 Oppose Res. 16-172This Wednesday, October 5 at 10:00a at Kapolei Hale, Honolulu City Council will be holding its final hearing of Resolution 16-172, to approve the Manaolana Place luxury condo-hotel across from the Convention Center near the proposed Ala Moana Rail station).

City Council is still not holding developers accountable. After an outcry from affordable housing advocates and articles published in Civil Beat and the Star-Advertiser, the City Council Zoning & Planning Committee decided to make the developer increase their contribution to an affordable housing fund to $3 million; just $600,000 more than the original requirement.  Is this really that much better than the previous proposal? Council should be demanding something much more significant.

The condition will say “The Applicant shall contribute a dollar amount equal to the value of the 20 rental housing units specified above, to be deposited into the Housing Development Special Fund or into such other fund or account as may be designated by the Council by resolution; provided that this in-lieu fee payment shall not exceed $3 million.”

If the value of 20 rental housing units is $3 million, that’s $150,000 per unit. Can you buy a condo for $150,000? Is that how much it costs to build one? Did the Council check with anyone who has actually developed affordable housing in Honolulu?

Submit testimony to OPPOSE Resolution 16-172 before 10:00a on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Tell City Council that we need more affordable housing now!

You can testify in person, or just submit written testimony. Here are two ways you can submit testimony:

  • Visit the City Council website:
    • Fill out your name, phone number, and email
    • Meeting date is 10/5/16.
    • Council/PH Committee is “Council”
    • Agenda item is Resolution 16-172
    • Your position on the matter: Oppose
    • You can register to speak in person at the hearing, or not
    • Write your written testimony in the box, or attach it as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
  • Email your testimony using the form below, with the City Councilmembers CCed:

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