Community to Aston: workers should not be intimidated for supporting the Union

IMG_0841We learned that yesterday afternoon, Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel houseman Sonny Ragunjan was called in for a meeting with the general manager and was denied a coworker representative. He’s been questioned before about his Union activities. Workers at Aston should not be intimidated for supporting the Union.

So AiKea organizers went to the Aston Waikiki Beach and demanded to speak with General Manager Mark DeMello and Housekeeping Manager Marissa Cacacho. They voiced their concerns and showed their support for the workers who want a fair process to decide whether to unionize.

Ep 26 – International Workers Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.44.58 AMIn honor of International Workers Day, we invited Royal Hawaiian housekeeper Lourdes Maquera and Mililani High School teacher Amy Perruso discuss why workers today still work over 8 hours a day. Hear more about their campaigns around work hours and workload.

Watch the full episode on the ‘Olelo website.

Ka Leo: Aikea UH Rallies To Improve Housing Conditions

(Ka Leo) – By Dillon Ancheta. Members of Aikea UH organized a rally, Wednesday, to bring attention to the need for housing improvements.

AiKea UH Rally for Student Housing

IMG_0722AiKea UH organizers rallied for better student housing and more accountability from the administration. On average, a UH student pays $800 a month for their dorm. Yet their dorms are unsanitary and are infested with pests and mold. They are calling on the administration to revise their student housing contract to ensure that students’ living conditions are safe.

View the news coverage here.

Check out the AiKea UH website for more info.

Hawaii News Now: Students: ‘Unsanitary’ conditions at UH-Manoa dorms pose safety risks

(Hawaii News Now) – By Jobeth Devera. Students at University of Hawaii at Manoa are seeking to bring attention to what they’re calling unsanitary living conditions at several residence halls.

Workers of Hawai’i Unite Rally

IMG_0199To commemorate International Labor Day (May 1), we marched through Waikiki in solidarity with the Aston Waikiki Beach and Hotel Renew workers who are fighting for a fair process to decide whether to unionize.

Our AiKea high school students were one of the many groups who marched through Waikiki for International Labor Day. Students from Waipahu High, Farrington High, and Mililani High presented an art project they worked on together to support the Aston Waikiki Beach and Hotel Renew workers.

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New report on illegal vacation rentals

Airbnb Hawaii Listings by Room TypeUNITE HERE Local 5 has published a new report that shows that illegal vacation rentals have a negative impact on our affordable housing, our economy, and our neighborhoods.

Read the full report here.

We also have a tri-fold pamphlet that summarizes the main points of the report.

Waipahu High Justice Club at Spring Fair

13102755_1005238769559632_6855839014691002782_nOn April 29, AiKea signed up a bunch of students who were interested in joining our Justice Club at Waipahu High School’s Spring Fair. A lot of the youth, including others from Mililani and Farrington as well, will be joining us for our rally at the Aston next Tuesday at 4pm!

AiKea has justice clubs at Mililani High, Farrington High, and Waipahu High. Learn more about our work to organize youth.

This may be paradise to you, but…

2016-04-15 07.09.32-1We are Waikiki. We welcome our visitors. We clean and serve you. Always with aloha. This may be paradise to you, but it’s not for these workers who clean 18 rooms a day and feel pain on the job.

The workers at the Aston Waikiki Beach and Hotel Renew have been fighting for a fair process to decide whether to unionize for over a year. Management refuses. We will be rallying with them every Friday from 6:30a – 7:30a. Join us!

Faith & Labor Luncheon

2016-04-14 11.44.54-1Reverend Scott Marks from New Haven spoke at our Faith & Labor luncheon about uniting his community to fight for good jobs, safe neighborhoods, and more. Joining him was Cecile Daniels, a Hotel Renew worker, who spoke about her and her coworkers’ struggle for a fair process to decide whether to unionize and their fight for respect on the job.

Thank you to the clergy, lay leaders, and FACE who attended!

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