More testimony needed for vacation rental bills

2017.02.07 Vacation rentals social media 2Thanks to everyone who sent testimony last week on 3 bills dealing with illegal vacation rentals in Hawai’i. Because of you, the two Senate Committees deferred action on the bills.

Before their next hearing this Friday, they will be working on one bill that will combine pieces of the 3 bills.

We believe that there are four key elements that need to be included in this bill:

  1. We must not preempt the counties’ ability to enact good regulations;
  2. Rental operators should be required to certify to the tax collection broker that they are operating legally and provide documentation to back that up;
  3. We should ensure that it complements – and does not nullify – Act 204 in allowing the state to hold operators accountable;
  4. 4Tax collection brokers should be required to operate transparently by providing lists of names and addresses of operators to the State so the State can verify the money it is collecting reflects reality.

Please submit testimony by Thursday, February 9 before 2:30p by filling out the form below. If you can testify in person at the hearing, please do!

Learn more about the negative impact of illegal vacation rentals.

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