Stand with our houseless communities

QUICK CALL FOR ACTION: AiKea has been fighting for affordable housing, and we stand in solidarity with our houseless communities who are directly impacted by the lack of affordable housing.

Please call Sen. Josh Green, Chair of the Senate Committee for Human Services, and ask him to schedule hearings for SB 1 and SB 11.
Phone: 808-586-9385

Please call Sen. Will Espero, Chair of the Senate Committee for Housing, and ask him to schedule hearings for SB 1 and SB 589.
Phone: 808-586-6360

SB 1 Will create bonds to fund the construction of housing for the homeless: Authorizes the director of finance to issue general obligation bonds and appropriates funds to finance the construction of housing for homeless individuals and families. 
Text of SB 1:  

SB 11 Will protect the property and identity for homeless people caught in criminalization “sweeps” that often result in the loss of their belongings: Protects homeless individuals from having their personal property taken from a state or county agency without proper documentation procedures and the ability to recovery property from the agency. Establishes the executive office on homeless identity protection to assist homeless individuals with recovering government-issued identification documents. 
Text of SB 11:      

SB 589 Establishes a “Houseless Bill of Rights” outlining basic protections for unsheltered homeless people “in the same manner as any other person without discrimination on the basis of housing status”: Defines specific rights granted to a person who is houseless including equal access to housing, jobs, and shelters, equal treatment by government agencies, and access to life-sustaining activities and essential services.  
Text of SB 589: