Submit testimony: Support Res. 17-52 CD1 to protect our affordable housing

There are FOUR resolutions re: vacation rentals that will be heard by the Honolulu City Council’s Zoning & Housing Committee this Thursday, Oct. 26 at 9:00a.

We urge you to SUPPORT Res. 17-52 CD1. As you may recall, it’s been 6 months since Res. 17-52 was heard. Submit testimony so Res. 17-52 can move forward. We’re in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. We can’t let another 6 months go by without this vacation rentals issue being addressed. Currently, there are an estimated 33,000 homes being used as vacation rentals in the state.

Res. 17-52 CD1 is the only resolution that addresses the issue of enforcement of vacation rentals. The majority of vacation rentals in Hawai’i are illegal, and a lack of enforcement greatly contributes to this.

Therefore, OPPOSE the other 3 vacation rental resolutions: Res. 17-301, 17-163, and 17-164.

  • 17-164 wants to open up more vacation rental permits, but we think more permits won’t fix the problem if the enforcement isn’t there.
  • 17-163 and 17-301 would change residential zoning to allow vacation rentals in our neighborhoods.

Submit testimony in SUPPORT of Res. 17-52 CD1 before 9:00a on Thursday, Oct. 26. Tell City Council to protect our affordable housing!

You can testify in person, or just submit written testimony. Here are two ways you can submit testimony:

  • Visit the City Council website:
    • Fill out your name, phone number, and email
    • Meeting date is 10-26-2017
    • Council/PH Committee is “Zoning & Housing”
    • Agenda item is Resolution 17-52
    • Your position on the matter: Support
    • You can register in person at the hearing, or not
    • Write your testimony in the box, or attach it as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf
  • Email your testimony using this form below with sample language on our website, with the Zoning & Housing Committee members CCed:

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