Tell the House & Senate Conferees: HB1850 is flawed. Fix it or kill it!

2016.04.20 House Conferees2016.04.25 Senate Conferees

4 House Conferees have been appointed to decide the fate of HB 1850: Reps. Jo Jordan, Richard Onishi, Kyle Yamashita, and Beth Fukumoto Chang. Additionally, 3 Senate Conferees have been appointed as well: Sens. Kalani English, Roz Baker, and Jill Tokuda.

Tell them that HB 1850 is flawed and still needs to be fixed. They should agree with or strengthen the Senate amendments, or they should kill this bad bill.

Contact them immediately by calling or emailing them. You can also use the form below that will send an email to all four of them:

This action has expired and the email form is no longer available.