UPDATE: Tell the Legislature to kill HB1850

Number of Vacation Rentals per Housing UnitThis afternoon, the conference committee for HB1850 passed a revised draft of Airbnb’s flawed bill that their 7 registered lobbyists have been pushing. This bill is not good enough and should not pass.

On May 3, the Hawai’i Senate and House of Representatives will vote on the conference committee’s draft of HB1850. This is our last chance to get the Legislature to kill this bad bill. Illegal vacation rentals have a negative impact on affordable housing, and we need to stop them now. View our latest report to learn more.

Email the Senate and House and tell them to OPPOSE HB1850 HD1. Tell them you support affordable housing for residents. Email them by Sunday night (5/1/16):

This action has expired and the email form is no longer available.