(Ka Leo) – By Lisa Grandinetti. The AiKea Movement is a movement of working people, across different issues and communities, uniting to take back Hawai‘i’s future from big money. Hawai‘i’s people must stand in solidarity with one another because they will not win their battles individually. When we divide our communities and distract ourselves from the bigger picture, the oppressors are free to control us. It will take the collective effort of all groups to produce the effective people power we need to take back Hawai‘i.

(Honolulu Civil Beat) – By Gene Park. In response to a question by the AiKea Movement, an activist group that works to stop the conversion of hotel rooms into condominium units, the mayor conveyed his pro-development perspective when it comes to Honolulu… However, questions surrounding Turtle Bay Resort went unanswered, perhaps because the city is a defendant in a recent lawsuit filed by the community group Keep the North Shore Country.

(Community Alliance on Prisons) –  Nice piece by Disappeared News’ Larry Geller on this people’s movement. CAP has been part of AIKEA since its inception. We believe that the only real change will come from the bottom up.

(Disappeared News) – While I worked for GE, the union members bargained for and won benefit improvements that were extended to all employees, including me. In the company town of Schenectady, what GE unions achieved benefitted workers of other companies as well—they effectively raised the standards.

(University of Hawai’i, Manoa – Ka Leo) – By Kenory Khuy. Want to become more active in Hawai‘i politics and island community? Join Aikea UH to meet likeminded students who embrace diversity and equality and share the same passion for social justice.

(The Trojan Times) – By Ireland Castillo. Advocating the rights of the people, promoting equality and shaping Hawaiiís future is no usual agenda for the typical teen, yet for Alumna Lisa Grandinetti and Senior Roanne Domingo, this task was achievable after their summer internship with AiKea.

(Organizing Beyond Barriers) Honolulu, HI – The OBB team hit the streets of Kaka’ako during the “Eat the Street” food truck rally with their guerilla theater skit, entitled “Trouble in Paradise”. The skit received rave reviews and encountered run-ins with the event staff and local police.

(The Maui News) – HONOLULU – Union and community members are protesting the conversion of hotel rooms into condominiums.

(Disappeared News) – Condo conversion at the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki has caused serious job loss. As the Ilikai’s hotel room count shrank from about 800 to a quarter of that, union jobs dropped from 750 to about 63 at present. Conversion owners can clearly clean up for themselves (or not), and so the number of service employees has dwindled.