The Aikea Movement

AiKea Hawaii supports the Dream DefendersDo you care about Hawai’i?
Do you want Hawai’i to be a place where
everyone can work,
everyone can learn,
everyone has a home, and
everyone respects & preserves our island?

Join the movement to take back Hawai’i

AiKea is a growing movement of individuals & organizations who care about the future of Hawai’i and are committed to building a larger social & political movement. If you see value in working collectively to build power, join AiKea! Fill out your information on our Contact Form, and we will reach out to you shortly.

AiKea in the Community

AiKea is taking action on a number of different issues that are affecting the people of Hawai’i. Our current campaigns include:

$31 for Everyone

Jobs Hawaii Can (square)AiKea believes that we need to maintain and keep good, secure jobs in Hawai’i. Good jobs for everyone means decent wages, full family medical, and a guaranteed pension. Good jobs here means money spent here, taxes paid here, a better life here. Learn more about our campaigns to limit the conversion of our hotel rooms into condos, to tell Kaiser Permanente that getting old shouldn’t hurt,  & to raise the state minimum wage. $31 for everyone. Hawai’i Can!

We are Waikiki!

Sign this petition and upload a photo of yourself to stand by workers and their right to organize a union. Learn more here…

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